Sunday, November 06, 2005

:) - i smile because...

of *L* - though she is someone i've only hung out with a couple of times, i like the time we spend together...just as friends.

she is like the sun, metaphorically speaking; i don't mean she's "hot", yet she is internally, what i mean is that she radiates warmth which falls upon me, her smile breaths kindness upon me... she also is someone who i'd like to maintain eye contact with, but i am afraid to look into her eyes- like looking into the sun...

she is a nice individual out here at Judson College; how she smiles and glows and how her persona radiates GOD's love... :)

p.s. all we have is friendship at this time, only friendship...
p.p.s. everyone is "hot" - because all are made Imago Dei; in the image of GOD - external looks are fleeting, i love internal beauty...:)