Monday, November 07, 2005

1 pro and 1 con i have about studying abroad...

Pro: i think it would be a lot of fun to have a semester (at least) in China or Japan... i'd love to learn about the cultures/languages by being there instead of learning it here. it would be valuable in learning of how i can share the gospel in a different country, in which China is officially atheistic.
it would also help me see more of the world and to start thinking from a non-Western perspective; even though i have been doing so for sometime now...
i may not return! personally if i had the chance to stay, i would...
i would say my goodbyes (not forever goodbyes, but goodbyes for a while) but i would definitely leap at the chance to live outside of the Western world... even though there is a changing into post-modernism in the world, i'd still like to live outside of the u.s. for a while, if not longer

don't mind my vagueness,
i don't plan on living abroad for awhile
if i do take a semester abroad,
it may be a year or more.