Tuesday, November 08, 2005


so i was somewhat challenged today in dms... i came up with wwjsmo - what would JESUS spend money on? it may seem cheesy, but i've been thinking it over...


this band Tremolo is giving away 50% of its profits to various causes that the people who buy their CD decide!


i too am seeing where i can put the money i make into a better cause; simply put, i don't need a cent for my work at The Ben, but i do feel guilty when i squander my money for something i don't require... if anything, i'd take my paycheck and take $10 for gas money, the 10% for tithe and go invest in the rest!

i am consciously considering where i can let my money gather interest...from a Heavenly point-of-view.

ttyl l8r about this and then some,
sleep calls my name - how i heed it!
p.s. GOD also calls my name, how i heed it even moreso!