Wednesday, November 02, 2005

*sigh* deja vu of another media medium...

so i am on in which; i have 105 'friends' - in which i do have friends on facebook, but not all facebook friends are really friends... by this i mean, i do not keep all 'near and dear' to my <3>


how i hide all that i am
except to a small group of people
who know the real me...

i blogged on the 100+ buddies of AIM and this is a deja-vu of another media medium;
i...need to get to know my facebook friends better,
could this be you?
stuck in a deja vu?
what to do,
take it to GOD

and earnestly make friends with those who are 'friends'
and PRAY,
praying is a good thing; it's communication between you and GOD!