Monday, November 14, 2005

*smiley face*

Good morning/afternoon/night...
odd morning... no chapel. i reviewed some notes for another class.
darn it! i wish there was chapel!

hmmm.... i am at a loss for words
about what? i don't know...
sometimes my brain doesn't think right.

brain - it is missing, i need to find it or get a replacement
love - i have it, i share it, but i lack her.
emotions - intact, a bit edgy, but still in working order
smile - i have one, but i don't wear it as much as i'd like to
sadness - eh, not so much... but other people's sadness, i feel it...
environment - Judson's fine, but the weather...brrr...*cold*
destiny - still working at who i am in regards to who i'll be

much love and smiley faces to all,
everyday is a wonderful gift from GOD!