Monday, November 14, 2005

subtle musings...

how often i speak without thinking,
often when this occurs, i come out thinking
wow! i should have thought first!

i need to think and speak in synch, not seperately

does this happen to you?
even if it isn't a regular thing, it something to consider,
sometimes i give advice and
i don't even follow what i tell others
remember; advice is a two way street,
everyone needs it and if you give it, you should apply it too.

change; how i am going through so many forms of change.
heart - i am facing my past problems and working towards tomorrow
anger - i still have it, but i plan on using it in a good way!
nightmares - i still have them, but GOD comforts me
girls - i am still looking for her, but until then; friendships!
etc - GOD is helping me out, if you wanna know, ask!


cat said...

indeed..i shall maybe use some coding as well hehehe...