Monday, September 11, 2006

The better post...

I remember every event, every detail, every tear I shed.

It started out with me doing my schoolwork (I was homeschooled) and I was just doing my English work when I heard on the radio that a small plane accidentally hit one of the Trade Towers in New York. I stopped a bit, thinking how odd to myself...

But as that day unfolded,
and the days unfolded, it happened to be a heck of a lot more.

You should know all the details, so I won't get into that...

But what I found out while working that Saturday shook me to the very core:

Jeffrey Collman

a former neighbor's grandson, was aboard the first plane, the 'small plane' that was mentioned on the radio.

I kept my composure,
I didn't want to cry/etc. while working and so I kept it to myself until I got home.

I shared the news with the family, some remembered who he was and some didn't, but I certainly remembered him... He used to visit his grandmother who lived across from us in my old neighborhood, and if he had time he'd visit my mother+sisters+I. He was a kind person who was friendly. Although I was young at the time, I remember his kindness.

I had a rough life as it was already, but this news was the straw that broke my back...

God used this day in a remarkable way in regards to my life, walk with God, etc.

And that's where the better post ends...