Monday, March 29, 2010

It all starts with LOVE...

So today I decided to wear my LOVE shirt that I received from one of the churches I attend, I was to be in a skit but something came up last min and I couldn't...but I still got a shirt that says love on it.
Anyway, as I was driving to JU this afternoon, God...the Holy Spirit...a combo of the two, kinda spoke to me about the people in my life I don't actively show love to; oh sure I love a bunch of people, but sometimes due to circumstances on my part it's not an active visible thing, and that's when I started feeling God's presence in regards to a group of individuals I can share His love with in a tangible way AND perhaps patch up some of the partially destroyed bridge.
Get this, I intend and plan on going to the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago this year, June 27th I want to go withs some friends and hand out water bottles to those I come into contact with, to share with them a small token of love. I'm also thinking I'm going to bring along a "confession booth" of sorts, not for the whose who would come in to confess, but rather my friends and I taking turns at confessing and asking those who would come in for forgiveness on behalf of the church and how it has treated those who are gay, by treating them like second class citizens or worse.
I've been learning in my Integration of Psychology and Theology how the church picks on homosexuals as making it "the worst sin" or some other rhetoric as a result of perhaps excusing other behavior and yet adding to it by saying "well at least I'm not a homosexual" as if that were a better way to justify their behavior. That is wrong, morally wrong, and I intend to offer up sincere apologies for this behavior.

As I said, it all starts with LOVE; Loving one another as Jesus loved us, He was the best example of love this world has ever seen, and I intend to let his Love flow through me and out on the people I meet this year at the Gay Pride Parade.