Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Against all Odds (take a look at ME now)

'Twas the night before first day of classes...

Today I went back to school after taking a year off; some of it was financial reasons and some of it was personal, but I am damn happy to be back.

Why? you might ask, well it goes like this.

When I was very little my parents talked about college, about their experiences and what a college degree can do for you! Needless to say I wanted "in" on this college thing, I didn't know what I wanted to major in but I was already being indoctrinated in the ways of I want a college degree and I won't succeed in "the real world" unless I have a degree.

Now since then I have figured out what I want to major in (good thing to do btw, especially since I'm in my Senior year ) and what I will be doing with that degree (and very possible down the road -- Master's degree) and all the things that go with it, but here lies my crux. In my 25 of living, I have met plenty of individuals who are successful in what they do, and get this, without getting a degree whatsoever! It doesn't irk me that they're doing well without, it does irk me that my mentality has been get the degree = better job, life, et al. It can make a difference in one's life, but some things override that, such as experience.

I question even now if there will ever come a time where a degree counts, but experience in whatever field is weighed as something more valuable, take for instance me and Youth Ministry; I have 7 going on 8 years of working with jr. high and high school students, para-church and inside the church, upper socioeconomic statused kids as well as lower socioeconomic statused kids, I have experienced a lot in my time and I have what it takes to get into my calling full time...but I don't have a Youth Min degree (almost did, but that's another story).

Anyway, I've been in school on again and off again for close to 7 years, and I won't rationalize why it has taken me so long but some factors include not having the money (which was the case for me not returning to school last year) and taking care of my mom as she went through chemo therapy, etc. pertaining to her breast cancer (I was her primary caretaker).

I'm excited and nervous, but ultimately determined to do what I need to do, to take all the classes (4 left! w00t!) I need and finish up strong.

And as Slim Shady sang about me; Guess who's back, back again
and the theme song from that show in the 70's; Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back
I'm back at school,
I'm back at finishing my undergrad degree in Psychology,
I'm nearing the finish line and I'm not going to slow down for anything (God willing).

I'm glad to be back, I've already had some good conversations with Professors rather than friends, but all in due time.

And where to from there?

Well I aim to make connections to people I know and some Youth Ministries out in Southern California, get connected here and then plug in once I graduate out there. That's the plan and the goal for me! But first things first, my undergrad degree, damn it's good to be back on track!



Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Cool! So you're back in school. I quit after completing my third year with only 6 semester hours short of graduating plus the requirement to "do" seminar which would've taken only 1 semester more, but I didn't go back. Why? Because I wanted to join a commune that I was instrumental in founding. After all, starting a commune is like raising a family... you can't be an absentee parent, nor a missing commune planter. So I skipped my last year and, as it turned out, my last chance to ever get a degree in anything. Mistake.

(Raising my family, I felt that my contribution to society would be more valuable in four grownup well-adjusted Christian sons, than oodles of well-instructed, world-grappling students. But that's another story.)

The paper (diploma) is important after all, as I didn't care to admit when younger, but primarily in that it opens doors for you. You still must walk thru them and make your mark. That takes real intelligence, and courage.

Go with God, my brother, and pray for Romanos the sinner.

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