Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who are my brothers and sisters?

A lot of times as we go through this thing called life we build friendships that get better with time, and as I develop these friendships my siblings increase.

For the record, I have 3 biological sisters, I am the oldest so it works out well. My feminine intuition skills are better than the average male, so I don't mind NOW (when we were all younger and educated in the same environment, wasn't the best of times).

So back to friends who have become my brothers and sisters...

I have older brothers and sisters, I have younger brothers and sisters. Y'all are important to me and I am thankful to God to label you as my brothers and sisters, while we might not hang out a lot of the time because of where we are located, I still care deeply for the lot of you.

I have brothers and sisters I haven't met IRL; sure we talk/email/IM/etc, I have yet to meet some of you but give me time and dinero, I shall with you if you want me to.

Much love to y'all