Monday, November 24, 2008

Th-Angst-giving Day

This year I am angsty about Thanksgiving; it's been nearly 2 years since I've celebrated Thanksgiving or any other major holiday with family, last few (not including Independence Day) was spent with my now ex-fiancee and her family. This year for Thanksgiving I will be spending it with my relatives in Wisconsin (yea!) but up to a few days ago I was been given a lot of family drama.

Ugh, I hate family drama, it is probably the #1 form of drama I hate with a passion, here's how it went down:

Initially I was going to visit the relatives with my mom (this is her sister's family), but somewhere along the line my father contacted that bunch of relatives and mentioned that he would like to go up to have Thanksgiving with them. Somehow my mom got word on this, and because of my parents split that happened 2 years ago, they told him NO you cannot come up...but he intended to go up even though he got a no.

My mom, panicky and timid as she is in regards to my father, tells me no, that she's not going up there if he is -- her drama is non-rational; he's not going to go up, it is just a scare tactic to keep her from going to visit her sister and other relatives, he's just saying he's going to piss her off.

"Fine" I tell her, "I'll go celebrate Thanksgiving with them ALONE", then she tells me that my uncle and aunt won't let me or any of the "kids" go visit them for Thanksgiving if none of our parents are going; this is utter BS in my opinion, I am 24 years old, I have been up to my relatives house without my parents before, so have my sisters...

This is the stupid s*** family related drama I have to go through, that WE kids are exposed to. In my mind, I have a mom, I have a father, but my family is defined by my 3 sisters and myself, in fact most of my sisters have this mentality.

But I received good news; I have the go ahead, the green light, to have Thanksgiving with my relatives! :D

So as far as things are concerned, it all looks good -- even though I will be asking my mom some questions that have been lingering in my mind and hanging in the air, I pray that I get honest answers, I pray I find out the truth.