Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It is not that I always feel this way, but sometimes it is the little things that trigger my melancholic moods. Tonight, I guess it stems from thinking over some things that occurring in my life, but also in the life of some friends... I walked (and still walk) in some very diverse circles of friends, some lapse into each other and some stay even keel- hmmm, what have been the circles I've tred/trod in?
*The actors - I was a mime back in '97
*The English Literaturesque people - friends from my former school, writing poetry and writing in general
*The runners - running since '87 in general, Crossroads T&F for two years and 2 years of CC at my last school
*The artists - Last school in regards to an art class I took, the teacher... made it difficult, even though it was an Intro. art class - but at least I learned some Mandarin from James and talked about God with very interesting people... Avoided life drawing as an observer, that tricky James!
*The musicians - back when I played piano, being a bandie of sorts, not in anyway bad, but I just chilled with various musicians
*The online Christian Goth community - I don't dress the part [completely], but I am a Christian Goth in some ways
*The debaters - I was on a debate team... for one week
*The questioners - I guess I am someone who doesn't always buy what is being sold, there are some things I don't question at all... But some things the question why remains upon my lips.

This is not a complete list, but I have to get back to Frankenstein,
otherwise, I'll join the procrastinators group...

Going on by God's strength alone,