Sunday, March 12, 2006

What made Friday a wonderful day were the following: In the evening around 7:30ish I went to the Hammond's house because of 2 reasons; 1) Shine-FM was broadcasting from their house live and 2) Ben was going to be there...
Now I have considered Ben Hammond to be my best friend, I've known Ben for close to 11 years! Until Friday, I have not seen Ben for 10 months or so - He was in Thailand as a missionary for 6-7 months and now that he is back, I am in school... So that is how our paths have not crossed for so long...
It was wonderful to talk to Ben and hear about ministering to the people of Thailand, in particular the prostitutes in the red light districts... Probably was fascinated me and horrified me in the same instance was how LOVE is pretty much just a four letter word which does not have a strong emotional/physical/etc. meaning, just because it is used so flippant and wrongly, because... Well, the prostitutes and their 'job' have you.

After that I went to Brent's house for a Halo Tournament amongst other things... That was great too, and even though it was Halo, I decided I didn't like all the basic character names for who I could be and so vegetarian became a Halo Character - Got some kills to pay the bills! yeah, good times...
Later on when it was Guys Only, we played 1 1/2 games of Risk - This being that around 2:30ish... Yeah 'When stupidity attacks 1' could be seen as the show made about what happened...
Played some more Halo and around 4, back to another FULL game of Risk, this game went by smoothly, even though Chris was backed into a corner and... well... He Lost! mwahahahaha...*sigh*
I continued on and conquered Africa! But at 6:30 I lost and I didn't care too much, I just spent around 20 hours being up and the only thing on my brain was

I woke up at 12:30ish and I stepped outside to enjoy this wonderful springlike day and I also helped some with the things occuring outside... Later on when Zach and Pocci woke up, we ate some cinnamon rolls and proceeded to head outside and chill - one of the bizzarest things Zach and I did was when Raeann when inside, she left her car running... So Zach and I 'jacked' her car for half a block, parked it and took the keys and ran back... She was a little angry, but... She shouldn't have left her car running!

The last part of my Saturday that was great was playing frisbee golf - now I haven't played in a while, but after 2 rounds of 9 holes... I want to play again even though I sucked!

And that was my Friday and Saturday!
"Lasagna is like a good wine, with age it becomes better!" - Tom
"Anti-Clockwise" - Chris