Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well... I am feeling better... still sick, but definitely feeling better.
I also have a split lip, that sucks, especially since I've been on the seaweed diet for the last 36 hours- no such diet (that I know of), but I haven't eaten much besides that.... Fansong is my hookup for all my seaweed needs; it's funny seeing silly Americans sample the stuff and gag, oh my, 'tis funny to watch.

School is going so-so; I am busy as a beaver as it is and... well... I am 2x busy as a beaver - 1x = life and 1x=school...

I met with my site supervisor from YoungLife this evening; sigh... He is such a wonderful guy who has great insights to life and is very instrumental in my life. Though he did label me as mad/wounded/pissed, he was right in the terminology... I am open to him about my life and he is with his life in some ways as well... God has blessed me with a great site supervisor and a great practicum for YouthMin.

back to school,

Going on by God's strength alone,