Tuesday, February 14, 2006

various graphics/photos/gifs I have stolen... with a vegetarian theme from www.photobucket.com

Vegetarian vegetarian Vegetarian vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarian vegetarian blinky im a vegetarian!
Now I don't mind people who eat meat, go ahead, it is you're choice. I am a vegetarian for a not so common reason... I am a vegetarian in regards to missions: Later on in life I plan on doing missions, perhaps to some places where meat is not a common staple. So last July 7th I decided to become a vegetarian, but just in regards to missions. There is so much here in the U.S. that I believe that if I can give up meat where it is abundant, it will be easier to give it up than to go without it in a place where meat is uncommon...

I will eat meat if the places I do missions eat meat, but if it is not a common staple - then I will not eat meat.

And that is why
I am a vegetarian.