Thursday, February 16, 2006

I have decided to entitle this blog entry as:
God does not want me home...yet!

So the weather outside is a disaster to drive in,
it is sleeting/snowing and is miserable to be on the road, but this evening I was on the road because I was going to Gerald Longjohn's house for the Internationals Bible Study...
I drove out to his place in this miserable weather with Sunny and Twinkle (two Internationals from India) when suddenly a driver (in a Chevy Astro, I'm a car guy, I know these things) drifted over his line and was headed for us! He crossed the median and went into a spin that landed him in a ditch!
These are the possible ways in which we could have been seriously hurt or killed - *not being morbid, just observational*
1) Hitting us head on
2) Hitting us when he went into a spin
3) Me slamming on my brakes
4) Him making contact with a telephone pole that could have fallen on my car or worse


God is so good!
He kept me and my [scared] passengers safe as we drove to John's house.

As much as I look forward to going home to Heaven someday, I guess God did not want me to go

Going on by God's strength alone,