Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am still sick, I feel achey and I don't want to get any homework done... I have gotten some out of the way, but I am not doing enough by my standards...


I had a wonderful day at the Chicago Auto Show with some friends yesterday, I was only disappointed by two things:

1) No Lamborghinis... I like them and none were there!
2) Old creepy guys with cameras taking pictures of girls at the Auto Show; It made me mad! If I had my way, I'd kick them... but I am a tad bit nicer than that. Gah... These girls could have been their granddaughters...sickening.

Back to homework...

P.S. If someone would pray for me... Thanks. Life is very difficult at this time, if you want the details, you'll have to ask.

Going on by God's strength alone,