Tuesday, February 07, 2006

7 months...

since the last time I had this:

That is... Meat!
Today marks 7 months of being a vegetarian, and it has been good - minus the sucky cafeteria options for vegetarians like me, but... we live in a meat eating world, what can ya say? *sigh*
Suprise, Suprise-
It has been rather easy for me to go without meat,
there are some things I miss (General Tso's Chicken at Chinese Wok...*drool*), but besides that I've been rather good. I need some stirfry or some tofu, 'cause I want something good to eat. Lunch consisted of a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich; good, but I eat it too much as it is, so... change is in order.

all I can say is this:
Giving up what you can go without is no problem,
but what you want/desire/crave takes time in giving up, Go to God with those your vices... I am going to him with mine, It isn't easy, but it is a time process... So take each day one at a time.

Going on by God's strength alone,