Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today was good... Still going through the ups and downs that life throws my way, but... God remains good and I am reminded of the following Bible verse.

Philippians 4:13
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

God keeps me going when my strength is depleted, he is the only source of strength I have anyway...

I talked some to one of my professors today; talking to
Dr. Sanders was wonderful... I was just talking to him about what's to come in the syllabus in regards to Muslims... It was a great sit/talk/listen time, He's an awesome professor and I respect him on 2 levels: 1) as a Professor, 2) as a man of God... He works/worked with YoungLife, but... Pssh, anyone could do that! Just kidding, It takes people with Mad Skillz to work YoungLife... woot!

...Oh and I am going on an LSD trip this weekend in regards to YoungLife; the double entendres keep on rolling...

Take care and God bless.

Going on by God's strength alone,