Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sad and Happy day...

today was good
and bad...

It wasn't so bad, but my sister *H* did leave for Spain today; she spent one semester out there (last Fall) and loved it and...well, she's headed back there for another semester.
she'll have a blast, no doubt - but she was only home for two weeks and...well, it was too short!

the Happy part was going to Mitsuwa's with my friend Chrissy... Gosh! It was amazing! I bought a lot of vegetarian food items and I shouldn't have bought any car magazines...Option, and other JDM mags, but I did!
I spent over $25 on magazines alone!
It was a lot of fun
and next time...
I need to watch what I buy
and what I spend...

Going on by God's strength alone,