Monday, January 16, 2006

ah yes...back to poetry...Corazón and Chutzpah...

wiping the blood off your brow,
wishing that it was me instead...
No one should feel the pain of being abused,
no one should be abused-
Why do we beat those we claim to love
shake the hands of strangers?
Let us love,
for God is love
and yet...
we (mankind) are fallen
and we look for answers,
but when we have it we
discard it and seek out
our own personal interests-

This mortal coil is unwinding,
...who knows when my day will set into evening?
Only God knows that one...
and yet...
there is a lot left to do
and it doesn't start today
because today is already gone
but... Let the grain grow,
besides- it's almost harvest season...