Tuesday, January 31, 2006

3 things...

1) New background: In regards to this current one and the last, I have drawn both. Art (drawing) is not my forte, but... Well, I decided to give it a try and here's the end results...

2) My xanga name: NationYell is a nickname from a friend, who for the longest time could not pronounce Na-than-ael, so... he said NationYell. It stuck for that circle of friends and it has trickled out to some other people. I think it fits me in some regards; I want to be more than a voice, I want to be a yell. I want to be someone who sticks up for the little guy... Pardon if it sounds like a political spiel, but I want to make a difference... www.xanga.com/nationyell

3) A Poem:
If this is what you had in mind

If this is what you had in mind,
use it Lord, use it...
Life's road has taken its toll,
but as long as I'm on this road
I am on it with you-
There have been many potholes
there have been many wrong turns,
As I read your map,
I have made a U-Turn
and now...
I am headed in the right direction.
Sure, the road will be long,
and there will be many stops along the way,
but if this what you had in mind,
use me Lord, use me.