Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 for me!

I was going to do this on New Year's Eve, but... I decided to do it earlier.

This past year has been full of good times and bad times, I don't want to ever make it my cliche phrase, but... God is good when all else sucks.
My life in 2005 has been one that has twisted me into different directions and different modes, it has been a time for growth- spiritually as well as by way of maturity.
This year has been one in I have written a lot, perhaps even too much- but I rather write more than less. God has shifted my values and what I took for granted, He has also put some followers of Christ in my life that I hope to never let slip through the cracks.
One such friend I have made this year has been Chrissy
God is soooo good to me! Originally we met as friends online, by way of myspace, but since then I have met her in person and have done various things including going to the twisted 12 concert.
Learning that friendships (online) can lapse over into real life friendships has been amazing, she is a great source of Godly wisdom, I am glad to know her as a friend.
I am also thankful to God for the resources to go to Judson College; Finishing up my first semester there was great, I am thankful to God for the various friends I have made there as well. John and Jeff, and the older (experience wise) YouthMin majors. I thank God for Justin- Sadly he has graduated, but getting to know him and hanging out with him AND also praying with him... Wow! God is good.
I am also glad that I have gotten to know Stephanie; she has been the friend of my sister for a long time, but now... Now she is my friend as well!
We have had several open conversations in which we kept it real/authentic which... I am liking more and more, but to those I trust- in which I am learning to trust more people moreso.

I am thankful to God for healing me...emotionally of so much; I don't want to get into details, but I feel the changes that have taken place.
I am thankful for my practicum site- I am out at YoungLife Geneva- St. Charles site... It is great and Brent is an awesome site supervisor.

My last 'shoutout'... for now, is this:
I am thankful to glad for my professors and fellow classmates...especially Dating, Marriage and Sex. I have learned a great deal, in which I now know what I need to do to change! That is... the various roadblocks of generations past and present, in regards to my family. I thank God for Matt and Logan especially, just talking to them as well as their girlfriends has been a very good thing.

That's all I have to say...
for now!

God is good!
*thanks for being my friend Chrissy! God bless ya!*