Sunday, October 09, 2005

talked to two people...

...this weekend in particular
that i haven't for the longest time, and actually one of those
people i have never talked to before; she and i have only communicated electronique.

1) well i called my youth pastor from 'back in the day' - although time has passed
between us, i have never forgotten what he did for me during those really really
rough times in my life... he helped me out alot, even when i was- i don't want to
discuss that by blog, nix that.
he's a father now! his little daughter e.r. is 8 months old and his wife is
a stay-at-home mum these days... he's still a youthpastor :) which is encouraging
to hear... he's one of the "shout-outs" i'd give if youth pastors had shout outs...
so that was the first good conversation by phone i had this weekend.

2) i called a friend whom i have met online/AIM/JoyE boards and such; she
is someone i've only communicated to by way of such methods. but now that
she is back in the states :) i have her number and i called her...
this young woman was pleasant to talk to and she gave her 2 cents plus
in regards to the opposite sex... i was suprised at first, but soon into it
i felt at ease and she gave me some really good advice!
(which i'm keeping to myself, if ya don't mind)
and so that's who i had a good conversation besides my former yp...

it's awesome to talk to those
you haven't ever or haven't in a long time...
GOD bless



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