Sunday, October 30, 2005

Skillet concert!

it was awesome!
i went with *S* and *K*
i know *S* from Psych. and he's on my floor and he's the only white guy (at Judson)
who calls me by my b-balla name bestowed upon me; Nate-Dawg.
well...*K* is a very nice girl, AZ is where she's from, good talking with her.
i majorly dissed Country Music, which she accepted...
i didn't want to get into why i don't like it, but she wanted to know.
i left them early on because i wanted to be at the front...
i took photos and some videos;
including when John Cooper throws his bass 360 degrees around him!
i have a lot of decent shots of Ben, John and Lory...
Kory's taking care of Xavier and Alexandria
and she'll be back on tour in January...
pics to come!
and if someone knows where i can host videos
i'll post those as well!