Tuesday, October 11, 2005

poor jeff...:(

my dormmate jeff down the hall was ranting and raving about something last night and when i asked him what's up he laid the details on me heavy; he was let go from his job... now he went into details in regards to why they let him go and it sux because it's something they never said he couldn't do AND this is the first offense...in his 4 years of working there!

He's a gamer and yes, he did work at a gaming store, but he was looking/acting/feeling really crappy due to getting let go... :(

the game company that he worked for should have explained it better instead of just point out that it's "in-the-book" and because of that...meh, that is so unfair.

i am seeing if i can hook him up with a mutual friend of my father and mine; he's into the gaming-testing area. as well as a friend who works over at CapCom.

hang in there jeff! i'm pulling for ya!
p.s. this is something that can be PRAYED FOR as well! new job = money = dreams = car = jeff, returning to (his) normal mode