Monday, October 10, 2005

my sister *A*

she completed her second marathon this year and it was the Chi-Marathon. i got an email from my father telling me how she did and his observances of it as he watched from the sidelines...
it's awesome that she's able to do marathons, i haven't done one yet and that's mostly due to them being run on Sunday.

now i know different people have different perspectives on the doing things on Sunday bit, but for me, i won't run (competitively) on Sunday's... i encorperated the idea from Eric Liddel (main character in the movie Chariots of Fire) who gave up running his distance at the Olympics due to it being run on a Sunday! i know i'll never be that good of a runner, but still it remains the same; that i won't run competitively on Sunday.
even if that means never running any good marathons or long distance races, i don't care, i will stand behind my principles on this.
p.s. my sister *A* is only17 by the way, so... yeah. it's bragging rites for her alright! besides, how many 17 year old's do you know who have two marathons under their belt?

good job *A*, GOD bless you in all your running (and other) endeavours!