Sunday, October 09, 2005

my friend Mel...

i <3 this girl/young woman,
i thought that during last night's concert
that she was ignoring me...on purpose.
i bore these "wounds" until i called her
up this afternoon and she said this is how she
is and did not mean to do it, that is if she did do it.
i know her in various settings
and i guess this is how she is at concerts,
but it's something i did not know
due to the fact i've never attended
a concert with her...
so, i now know that i was not ignored last night
it's just how she is at concerts and i shouldn't take any offense.
*sigh of relief*
that is so good to know! if we didn't have our talk
this afternoon, i'd still feel offended, but since we talked it out
i know what to expect from her in concert mode.
feeling the burden released
from my heart