Wednesday, October 19, 2005

music of the world...

so i checked out this collection of CDs
that have most of the songs from when i took the class two years ago with M.B.
*sigh* so much has changed, but i still remember that class...
he is an awesome teacher
and he made an impression upon me and my music tastes;
i now have a global perspective on music
and it's cool to hear music from other countries.
i dig asian music the most; tsuru no sugomori and sakura...

it was a wonderful class
and though i won't ever go to wawa (as a student) again,
i do love the teachers who taught their subject with passion and for a love of the subject,
i also will remember all the memories/friends/experiences i had there...

shout out to all the good that wawa did for me
and for what i did for wawa!