Saturday, October 08, 2005

advice i can give you at this time...

well... this advice comes with 2 years + of college under my belt,
so just accept it, it can't do ya no harm...

- get along with your roommates; you'll be together for a semester and it's best get along with people who share the same room as you.

- skipping meals is not a bad thing; cafeteria fare is sometimes good, but usually it is bad.
- visit restaurants in the area; and i don't mean McDonalds and Taco Bell...
- get to know your professors outside of the classroom; they're human like the rest of us and they may help you out more than educationally speaking.
- learn to get to know the internationals; i don't know if your college is solely the same group of people, but if there are people who go to your school from outside the US, get to know them and their perspectives.
- don't procrastinate on homework; you may think it is crappy stuff, but when midterms and finals come...who's laughing now?
- take time to unwind; maybe not during the week, but on the weekend, spend sometime in chilling with friends/watch a movie/eat some pizza...
- get enough of sleep; sleep cannot be replaced by caffeine and it only makes you edgy; sleeping in is not a bad thing persay, but sleeping in to skip a class is.
- learn to be your own person; too much at times is left up to becoming "one of the crowd" - try to break this mold in being you and not everyone else.
- study circles; learn to study alone and with people, they can aid you to tests and you can do likewise...hopefully everyone does better due to your input to them and vice versa.
- get an on campus job; no seriously, it gives you some additional $$$ and it is pretty much tax-free. the school (insert place of work) usually sets it up around your schedule, so that makes it even more flexible.
that's all i have to say now...if you need more advice, post something (and not SPAM).